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SURVIVE ENVIRO Environmental Management Consulting Nonprofit Ltd.’s long term, strategic goal is to raise awareness about sustainable consumption and to provide trainings and solutions in the field of environmental management. 123

Environmental protection nowadays is becoming more and more important in the business- and in the public sector as well. Part of CSR activities or energy management solutions environmental protection, sustainable consumption should always be a priority.

In order to help achieve this, we provide complex environmental management consultancy to our partners from the description of methods, trainings, to implementation. Our area of operation covers both small scale projects and large-scale investments.

Our commitment is to give our knowledge to companies and to public sector institutions as well in order to contribute to improving the environmental state of Hungary.

As part of our social responsibility program we run a “knowledge base” on our website ( Hungarian: Tudásbázis) where we provide up-to-date information about environmental management tools and their advantages. As we find important that the concept of sustainable consumption reaches the wider public we also run our weekly blog (Hungarian: Heti Zöldség) where we write about ecolabelling, recycling, and other recent sustainability issues.

In addition to our consulting and project management activities during the course of our own operations we maximally take into account environmental aspects, so that we can share our experiences with our partners (e.g. availability of ecolabelled products etc.). We have a green procurement system, are working according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and organize our events with the smallest footprint possible.

Our goal is to provide credible information and complex solutions about environmental and sustainability issues to private companies and public institutions alike, and help our partners on their way to a greener future.

We are looking forward to working together for sustainable development, and responsible leadership.

Sustainably yours,

Ms Orsolya Diófási

general manager

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This poster is from TheGuardian’s sustainable business section and we completely agree. Thank you for that!

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