Professional Partners

UNEP összefogás a zöld közbeszerzésért

Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative (SPPI) -UNEP

The goal of the SPPI is to promote the worldwide implementation of SPP through increased cooperation between key stakeholders and a better understanding of the potential benefits and impacts of SPP. We take part in the work of the SPPI working groups among with many other organizations worldwide.


Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Department of Environmental Economics

Our cooperation is in the field of research, education and project partnership. We provide internships and training opportunities to the students of the department.

Holux Kft.

HOLUX Ltd. is working in the lighting industry for 20 years now. They give high priority to economical and eco-friendly lighting. They provide free-of charge consultation to the participants of our green store project in the field of lighting.

Project Partners

Buy Smart+

Buy Smart+

The project Buy Smart+, funded by the European program “Intelligent Energy Europe”, provides free consultation and information material on green procurement. The central strategic objective of the project is to increase the share of energy efficient procurement in Europe.

Buy Smart+ promotes green procurement by providing free consultation for public authorities and private companies. In Hungary the coordinator of the project is Energiaklub and the consultations and trainings are provided by the experts of Survive Enviro Nonprofit Ltd.

Tarr Kft.

Tarr Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company working in the field of telecommunications. We worked together on a one year project that promoted healthy and sustainable lifestyles among the employees of Tarr Ltd.


Magyar Telekom Nyrt.

Hungarian Telekom Group had sponsored our Green Store project connected to their “Hello Holnap” initiative about sustainable development.

Media Partners

Termékmix Magazine

The most prestigious Hungarian magazine in the FMCG sector since 1993. We cooperate by providing up-to-date information about ecolabelling, green store solutions and writing articles to the “GreenBox” of the Magazine.

Chef & Pincér Magazine

A magazine for the catering industry. We cooperate in providing articles and information on green issues.

Zöld Újság

The “Zöld Újság- Think responsible” is a monthly magazine for people interested about environmental issues. In our cooperation we had an information series on ecolabels and sustainable consumption and had few articles on green events and the green store project.

Independent, online cultural magazine publishing our relevant green events.

Menedzser Praxis

Menedzser Praxis is a prestigious publisher in the field of professional information materials for the Hungarian SMEs and public institutions. We provide articles about green public procurement and sustainable business practices for their issues.