„Green the King” – Green Store Pilot project and Competition

Green stores on Király street Pécs, and Király street Budapest

The aim of the green store (zöld üzlet) project is to gather the stores and cafés on two pedestrian streets and shopping areas in Hungary (Király street Budapest, Király street Pécs) and give them a common concept, help them become environmentally friendly, energy efficient and stand out of the crowd of other stores.

In order to achieve these goals there is an ongoing competition between stores in the Király street in Pécs, and the Király street in Budapest until March 2014.

The stores and cafés taking part in the green store competition realized the need for environmental friendly business practices and social responsibility and they are taking actions in order to reduce their environmental footprints.

Tartsd a formád! – Sustainable Lifestyle Program

From 2012-2013 the employees of Tarr Kft took part in a sustainable lifestyle program. The program included sport events, coachings, sustainable consumption courses and dietetic training as well. The whole program was developed and carried out by the experts of our company.

Green Procurement Pilot Project at the National Bank of Hungary

The aim of the project was to give a working example of sustainable/green procurement in Hungary, to show that the concept is feasible on higher governmental levels as well.

Main Activities

• 2 day training for 8 procurement experts

• The development of performance sheets for 5 chosen product groups for the procurement of the bank (notebooks, phones, taxi services, consulting services, paper and printing services, electricity)

• Continuous consultancy by tendering

The result of the project is that the Bank has 8 purchasing experts, who are able to create sustainable procurement tenders, know how to implement green criteria into public procurement procedures and are able to evaluate the different green offers based on economic and ecologic concept. Furthermore since the National Bank had implemented the concept of green procurement there had been examples of successful green tenders, setting example for other Hungarian organizations, supporting the way towards sustainable procurement.

Green Procurement by the Municipality of Kölesd


The aim of the project was to integrate green criteria into the purchasing practices of a small town in the South Western part of Hungary. The procurement practices of small municipalities differ a lot from big organizations and this project was supposed to give an example to other Kölesd- sized towns to implement green procurement. Furthermore the secondary goal was to raise awareness in the field of sustainable consumption between the citizens of the town by setting example.

Main Activities

• Accredited green public procurement training (10hrs)
• Green Procurement Handbook
• Development of performance sheets for notebooks, IT equipment, paper, lighting
• Consultancy

Main Results

The result of the project is that there is a good practice example for green procurement in Hungary by a relatively small town. The municipality had already switched to using ecolabelled paper in the second month of the project and had saved approx. 50% of the CO2 emissions connected to their paper use.

Hungarian National Gliding Competition- Green Event

In 2011 and 2012 the Hungarian National Gliding Championships had been organized as green events. In response to the major challenges of the 21st century and following the trends of our time the two week contests became green events, with the aim of setting example to the competitors, teams and all visitors, and promoting sustainable consumption and lifestyles. After these two green events the European Gliding Championships held in 2015 in Hungary will also be organized by our experts who developed the Green Gliding Contests Standard.


In 2012 we had the honor of hosting the EcoPoint of the biggest job fair in Hungary. We had awareness raising programs on sustainable consumption and had consultations with the participants about environmental management practices.

Nextent Informatikai Zrt.

„EcoTraining” Green Workplace Program

Our experts carried out an audit at the headquarters of Nextent Informatics Zrt. and according to the results, put together a training material for the company in order to develop their environmental performance.

The aim of the training was to raise awareness among the employees about energy efficiency and sustainable consumption and to do a brainstorming workshop on the action that they would like to see in their environmental program.